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“Go, stand in the temple courts,” He said, “and tell the people the full message of this new life”


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       Go & Tell The Word Ministries is headquartered in Oakville Ontario Canada, has  offices in San Juan Trinidad W.I. and Gorakhpur U.P., India; and has founded  several churches: Oakville Christian Centre and St Catharines Christian Centre in  Canada and Gorakhpur Christian Centre in India. We ordain and license ministers  in Canada, Trinidad and India.

 Bishop Ali says: “It all began on May 31, 1981 when I surrendered my life into the  Lord Jesus Christ. In October 1981, I went to India on my first visit, only five  months after I gave my heart to the Lord. I was tracking my roots and family  history, and visited a town in India called Fizabad; where I was asked to preach for  the first time, on Oct. 25, 1981 in a little mission church.

 Ten years later, in Oct 1991, the Lord spoke to me "Go and Tell the World what I  have done for you". This instruction from the Lord came during a family prayer  meeting. Go and tell the Word Ministries was birthed in obedience to the Lord's  command.

 On the August 16, 1992, Oakville Christian Center was born and established at  146 Trafalgar Rd, in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. A few years later we were gifted  another church, on October 16, 2009 St Catharines Christian Centre was  established, and on April 22, 2014 Gorakhpur Christian Centre was established  in U.P. India.

On January 21, 2017 San Juan Christian Centre in Trinidad was established; another answer to prayer from our great and awesome God.

 Here the full message of our Lord Jesus Christ is preached and practiced.

 As we grow and branch out; the mandate of Go & Tell The Word Ministries  continues to be

to spread the uncompromised Word of God into the entire world’’.

Go, stand in the temple courts, He said," and tell the people the full message of this new life". - Acts 5:20 (NIV)

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